Lumière, Maestro !

Art for art

The beauty exists only through light and it drives our emotions. 

The quality of our luminaries exceeds the one that was exclusively developed to illuminate the Mona Lisa. So far it was the most elaborate and unique in the world. 

To establish this result, we did not rely only on technical specifications, we gathered a panel of about sixty specialists in lighting. The human eye, like the musical ear, is a formidable instrument.

Our patience was rewarded with an unimaginable and unsuspected light. When love and talent work together, expect a masterpiece.

The Mona Lisa
The Reader

Biological Rhythm


Photometric flicker is the rapid and repeated change in light intensity. It is a flickering movement of the light and is present in almost all luminaires.

The consequences for health can be harmful in the short and long term. Visual fatigue is considered to be the most important symptom, but headaches, stress, eyestrain, migraines and even convulsions are also possible effects. The human eye isn’t always able to see flicker, so the easiest way to detect it is to point your smartphone camera at the light – if it flickers on the screen, you’ll know it’s flickering.

Fosfens luminaires operate at over 3000Hz (Compliant with IEEE Std 1789-2015) across the entire dimming range and offer optimum concentration for the greatest possible comfort, especially when reading, no flickering or fluttering will damage your pleasure.



Our fixtures are designed to last in time and cross generations. We only use top quality materials. All components are manufactured and finished with a concern for technical and aesthetic perfection.

Whether done by hand or by machine, the transformation of material requires patience, skill, rigor, precision and care. It is to this requirement that we recognize the work well done, the intelligence of the hand according to our Maison.

Corduroy - spot Full Silver & Full Gold 24K
Milan Bijelić

The Origin

La maison Fosfens

Our heritage preceded even the founding of the company. It was in 1970 that Stevan Bijelic 17-year-old, made a decision that would not only change his own life but also of his family: he leaves his homeland for the City of the Lights, Paris. That will enable him to continue and to enrich his passion for watchmaking & the shaping of materials. At the time, the tools and techniques are with manual know-how. 

Before opening the family company and begins its career as an Entrepreneur, he had become quickly a valued craftsman in a prestigious workshop of the capital. Since, its work is used in aeronautics, medical and luxury in a sector which requires rare competences & experiences.

The Art of the Possible


Fosfens focuses on a very exclusive type of fixture in design, manufacture and installation. This creation makes it possible to work tailor-made, to develop luminaires that would be impossible to make in the constraints of mass production. An amazing world of know-how and original design, with a French manufacture.

Discover our collections and let yourself be inspired by the different shapes, materials, finishes and luminous signatures. Our team accompanies you in your project to create together a surprising lighting fixture with a story: yours.

All our luminaires are limited in series with a unique concept of Backlighting Numbered Editions and all without altering the illuminated surface.

The Art of Emotion

Lighting Signature


The light signature is the reproduction of a logo, text or relief pattern in the glass lens. This technique allows to burn to the heart of the lens thanks to two lasers which, at their point of encounter, will create a splint of glass of the size of the micron. Hundreds of thousands of fragments of glass will thus draw the desired shape. The engraving is done inside the lens, the surface is therefore perfectly smooth. This laser process requires two other technologies that we have developed to not to alter the illuminate surface and not to project the signature.

We can thus allow the customer to fully appropriate the lighting by engraving if he wishes a part of him.



By purchasing a luminaire from us you get a lifetime warranty. It will be enough simply to contact us or to bring your product in shop without any condition. Our work is unique and each piece perfectly recognizable, no proof of purchase will be required.

As part of our zero waste approach, we offer the repair of damaged items.

The richness of our light has been evaluated according to the IES TM30-18 standard by the Illuminating Engineering Society, an international method of measuring the quality of light calculated on 99 color samples. We obtain a fidelity index of 96, a saturation index of 103 and a chromatic distortion diagram of 109. The old system, better known: the CRI – color rendering index – was calculated on an average of only 8 colors, mainly pastels. Compared to this one, we get a score of 98/100, with a beautiful red at 95. We also guarantee a consistency of color over time, thanks to our remote phosphor technology and our thermal management. Finally, the white color is factory calibrated with a precision of 1×2 Mac Adam ellipses.

RoHS compliant

MagicEye III - lampadaire Black / Gold 24K
Friendship is a light so pure, a warmth so sweet!

A brand synonymous with the upmost precision gained via common values

Manufactures de LUX

The brand name ‘Manufactures de Lux’ is created around social values at the heart of the brands, represented by their image and fine quality of the lighting produced. This stems from the creation of this precision that the founders and designers of all three brands possess. Great care has been taken to use high quality materials, using highly skilled French production techniques respecting both quality and tradition as well as demanding attention to detail in the small volume production. Each light has a serial number and is supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Within the context of this brand, the term ‘manufacture’ reflects the production in a small workshop using fine craftsmanship. The word “Lux” – Luxury pertains to the Latin roots of the word light which transcends a rarity and refinement created by the 3 prestigious brands. ‘Manufactures de Lux’ translates as the willingness of the three brands to promote the French appreciation and knowledge via production in a small workshop by skilled craftsmen. This process is understood by Anglo Saxons. The monogram is a hexagon, reminding us of the close attachment of the three French brands and their origins. 
Today, the brand regroups six brands – Disderot, Éditions Serge Mouille, Rispal, Lignes de Démarcation, Magic-Circus and the Fosfens house. The groups intend to welcome other brands under the umbrella. Sharing the same values and founding requirements based around a dynamism and shared actions to serve the requirements of design led market. The objective is to perpetuate timeless creations in the form of French lighting, signifying the French know-how and contribute to expanding its reach.

Ballet of Lights

Natural Authenticity

Explore the luminous universe captured by the delicate eye of our photographer Charlène Radović. A visionary behind the lens, Charlène dances with light and shadow, each photograph telling the captivating story of luminaires, these creations the fruit of passion and sharing.

The photographs, authentic works of luminous art, transcend the limits of conventional photography. Charlène, a passionate artist, creates unique moments that reveal the profound essence of Fosfens, transforming each shimmer into a visual poem.
At the heart of our gallery, the promise of purity remains intact. No digital retouching alters the natural splendour captured by the lens. Every detail, every reflection, is preserved in its most authentic form.

Embark on a visual journey through our site, where each photograph is a window onto a world where light expresses itself with pure, unadulterated beauty. Welcome to the poetic world of Fosfens, where the magic of light is revealed under the inspired gaze of our resident photographer.

Le Spleen de Paris
Working as a family is an opportunity for progress to meet tradition, allowing mechanical engineering to blend with know-how.

A community of Women from the lighting industry who use their experiences and actions to support change.

Fosfens @ Women in Lighting

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