By purchasing a luminaire from us you get a lifetime warranty. It will be enough simply to contact us or to bring your product in shop without any conditions. Our work is unique and each piece perfectly recognizable, no proof of purchase will be required.

Made in France

Our products are all inspired and made in France.


Each Luminaire will be meticulously packaged and wrapped to ensure and preserve its beauty in wooden cases identical to those used for artworks.

Manufacturing Process


Fosfens® luminaires are designed to last in time and across generations. They must therefore offer maximum protection and every detail of their construction has been developed and tested to withstand heavy use. They are also distinguished by their technical complexity, their high-end aesthetics, their finishes and the quality of the light. Fosfens® uses only first-class materials with a skillful combination of hand, machine and machining centers. Each piece receives its finishing (polishing, satin and micro-billing) subtle and contrasted in a long process marrying mechanized and manual work. All components are manufactured and finished with the same concern for technical and aesthetic perfection. The surface treatment finish on our products keeps them from corrosion, provides a hard and scratch resistant surface, and a beautiful color tint.

La Maison Fosfens

Our heritage preceded even the founding of the company. It was in 1970 that Stevan Bijelic 17-year-old, made a decision that would not only change his own life but also of his family: he leaves his homeland for the City of the Lights, Paris. That will enable him to continue and to enrich his passion for watchmaking & the shaping of materials. At the time, the tools and techniques are with manual know-how. Before opening the family company and begins its career as an Entrepreneur, he had become quickly a valued craftsman in a prestigious workshop of the capital. Since, its work is used in aeronautics, medical and luxury in a sector which requires rare competences & experiences.

This need to be as closely as possible to our dreams was passed on to his son Milan. Having participated from the beginning to the development of the LED Lighting market through several multinational companies leaders in the domain for more than 15years, he discovers it a new world ” The Light “. Just like the passion which he has for the music, he decided then to compose and leave the corporate world to the creative industry. With Elena, his wife, they decide to realize all their desires without compromise, expanding “La Maison” with Fosfens and their five children.

A “phosphene” is a phenomenon that results in the sensation of seeing a light or the appearance of stars in the visual field, including closed eyes.

They are talking about us

« Fosfens lighting was a real discovery for JGS Decoration. We used to distribute fixtures whose main quality is decorative, but in the case of Fosfens, the quality of the light produced is added to it! Very nice and good products so …» Gary GRINBAUM – Owner of the shop JGS Décoration

« Fosfens luminaires express an alliance between an absolute technical requirement and a discreet artistic expression, without artifice. The quality of the light, relaxing for the eyes, warm, brings a colors rendering of a remarkable fidelity. Ideal not only for workspaces, but also for all types of interiors, Fosfens luminaires bring a singular aesthetic, subtly elegant and a quality of sustainable use. » Georgios KONTAXAKIS – Architect and designer

« An extraordinary evolution and a huge performance in the lighting sector! FOSFENS addresses all the technical facets of the lighting of “artworks” but not only. If my analysis, as a multi lighting manufacturer distributor, is right; FOSFENS is above all the “Archi-deco” market! The product is attractive, the LED technology is very innovative, the customization is proposed and wireless connection well thought and fluid! “I dreamed about it …. FOSFENS did it!” Thanks to Milan & his team. » Olivier CHARTON – Lighting Prescription – SONEPAR Luminter

« It’s a marvel, a jewel of technology and design » Jean-Marie HUBERT – President Group SPAT sas

« You design and build true “illumination instruments” What Montblanc is for writing instruments, Fosfens is for illumination. World Class!! » Wim BRABER – International Sales & Business Dev. Passionate about Light & Lighting Technology

« The right recognition of very high-end products. » Stephan CLOUT – President Group SC: SOKA, DISDEROT, SECANTE &…

« Since 10 years I look for fixtures that are not LED versions of old spots. Milan’s experience in this field has made it possible to start from LED to make a sensible work, not a designer design. And his family history has added over a know-how that is palpable. Too bad he does not come to make lighting fixtures for our shops. I do not despair of convincing him …» Nicolas MARTIN – LVMH Lighting Manager – Dir. Environnement

« A very beautiful object, technical and elegant. Well done. » Remy CHASSAING – Draftsman & Designer at DELISLE Paris

« Milan is a genius, he managed to create the quintessence of light, my works take full advantage of this bright box and my expectations of all points, one word, Magic. » Jeremie LEROUX – Painter ENZO OTO

« Fosfens, or French-style goldsmithing combining cutting-edge technology, exceptional design and tailor-made. » Romain PEREZ – Owner at BAZAR D’ELECTRICITE

« They are lamps that speak to the hearts of men. » Nicolas FOURAUX – Luminaires Expert at VOLTEX Raspail 

« Certainly one of the most beautiful revelations of French lighting in recent years. » Virgile BRU Lighting Expert at ILIGHTYOU

Le Spleen de Paris: « There’s a relaxing, mystical, almost religious side to it… » Didier DELPIROUX – CEO @SERGE MOUILLE
« Magnificient » Yvan PEARD – Founder @AYRTON LIGHT
« We are definitely fans! » Charlotte and Peter FIELL – The expert editors and in particular 1000LIGHTS, a luminous encyclopedia of lighting.
« Magician of light » Ingo MAURER
Stevan BIJELIC on the front page
- Issue N°1 of January 1983​
DOMODECO N°109 September 2023 - The cream of lighting. At the Disderot showroom in the Passage Saint-Paul, four of France's leading lighting designers, grouped together under the "Manufactures de Lux" label, will be unveiling their new products. Among these future design icons are the mysterious Spleen de Paris candlestick by Fosfens; the sparkling Giorgio collection by Magic Circus; and the elegant 3080 suspension lamp, designed by Pierre Paulin and produced by Disderot for Ligne Roset. Passage Saint-Paul, Paris 4e
Maison & Jardin magazine 2021
Nomad Circle 2021 with Loro Piana & Raphael Navot
- Photo credit: J'adore ce que vous faites
Nomad: design and art on stage in St. Moritz
AD Magazine - 9th March 2022
Signatures Singulières Address Book 2023 - A DESIGN STORY - Manufactures de LUX is a new label. It brings together five brands: Disderot, Editions Serge Mouille®, Rispal, Lignes de Démarcation, Fosfens and Magic Circus. In this way, this gathering of emblematic publishers shares similar values and identical ambitions. Manufactures de Lux promotes French know-how in the creation and re-edition of lighting fixtures. To this aim, it maintains the timeless spirit of French creation while respecting the original works. The label guarantees for example the use of noble materials. The French manufacture of the luminaries is based on a demanding and high quality production. Manufactures de Lux will soon welcome other brands sharing the same founding values and requirements.
Signatures Singulières Address Book 2022
Signatures Singulières Address Book 2021
10 Must-Attend Events for Paris Design Week 2020 - In September of this year, Maison&Objet, the famous biannual design fair, will take place in a completely virtual environment. That doesn’t mean, however, that the French capital won’t have anything happening this fall. From Sept. 3-12, Paris Design Week will give visitors the opportunity to physically attend many events—all free—in different locations of the city, from Le Marais to Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Shops, showrooms, art galleries and public areas will be places to spot new trends, discover unique collections, listen to talks and participate in workshops. Among some of the highlights of Paris Design Week—which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2020 and is part of the first edition of France Design Week, organized throughout the country from Sept. 1-15—are green design, French savoir-faire and young talents, as reflected in this selection of 10 not-to-be-missed events.​
In its Parisian showroom (on Passage Saint-Paul), French lighting editor Disderot will feature brands from Manufactures de Lux with lamps by Serge Mouille, Lignes de démarcation, Rispal and, for the first time, Fosfens, honoring French designers from the Glorious Thirty (1945-1975).​
- MILAN: Sometimes we are asked to describe ourselves in one word. But it can be very difficult to choose one quality to define ourselves! So what are the words that come to mind when you think of Fosfens?
- INGO: A family history that rhymes with luxury and elegance. Quality and innovation are the key words of the Fosfens house. Milan, the lighting magician who made Paris the city of light.
- Ingo MAURER & Milan BIJELIC - March 2016​
DAZZLING! - In the field of sound, it had already been an established fact for 50 years, the French have risen to the top places: Cabasse, Elipson, and more recently with the digital wave Devialet or Parrot, occupy the forefront of high definition sound and technological design. In the field of lighting, it is also young French companies that are setting the distance in terms of innovation and design. The top of the range is called Fosfens...
- Jean-Marie HUBERT - DANDY Magazine​, Autumn 2019 issue

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